Our Story


On September 17th, 2016, our little boy Lucas (age 5) was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). DIPG is a terminal cancer residing in the brainstem - and one doctors hate because it in inoperable. We are doing everything we possibly can to combat the cancer and chase new science, light and hope for Lucas.

As parents going through this, we can assure you there is no greater heartbreak. When something like this happens, you understand in an instant what truly matters in life. All that is important to us now is giving Lucas stability, comfort and more love than his little heart can hold.

While we are still figuring out this unimaginable situation we find ourselves in, we humbly acknowledge that we cannot do it alone. More importantly, we know we won't have to. As unlucky as we are with this diagnosis, we've been equally and oppositely blessed with amazing friends, family, colleagues and communities both new and old. We've realized that we have people in our lives who don't share our DNA but who are undoubtably part of our family.

You have been sending love, food and thoughtful gifts our way since the initial shock of diagnosis, offering companionship for our older son, Kai, who isn't getting equal time or attention lately, as well as keeping us in your prayers, giving us extra tight hugs and sending daily encouraging messages - and still you ask what more you can do.

It isn't easy for us to ask but any funds raised would allow us to stress less about uncovered medical expenses, travel and caregiving needs, and time away from work to focus on our family at this critical time. Your gift to us is time and as many happy moments with our boys as we can squeeze in. There are no words to express our gratitude in return.

We have created a group on facebook called Lucas Harashima Cancer Crush. Please join if you'd like to follow our journey and see updates about Lucas.

Thank you for all your compassion, prayers, support and love - reminding us that love is always the answer. It is the only answer.


The Harashima Family
Sansan, Hide, Kai and Lucas